Live Stream Your Graduation & Commencement Ceremonies

Schools all over the world are looking for solutions for their graduating seniors. Experts are saying that it is an “unlikely plausible possibility” that postponed public gatherings will resume later in 2020. While there may have been those who hoped they could postpone their graduations and commencement ceremonies until later this year, that isn’t looking like a realistic or safe option. In response to all of the requests for virtual solutions that we have been getting for live streamed graduations we have put together the following packages.

Cum Laude: Full Virtual     $2,995

  • 1 Hour of Pre-prduction
  • 1 Managed Laptop with Software and High Quality Microphone
  • 1 High Quality Webcam
  • 1 Portable Light
  • 1 Portable Backdrop
  • Shipped Directly to your Remote Live Presenter
  • Cloud encoding of your event
  • Remote Technical Director

Magna Cum Laude: On Site     $4,499

  • Everything in Cum Laude plus:
  • 2 Hours of Pre-production
  • 2 Broadcast Cameras 
  • Video Switcher
  • Encoder
  • Basic Lighting kit (3 LED up-lights and two stage lights)
  • 2 Lavalier Mics w/ disposable covers
  • Audio Board
  • Essential Crew*

*Essential Crew includes 1 Technical Director, 1 Camera Operator, 1 Audio/Sanitization Technician

Our best packages stream your keynote speaker and deans from your school campus, while maintaining social distancing and safe and healthy practices and give your graduates and their loved ones the most authentic experience. Show the empty room, show pre recorded photos and videos of the campus. Have your dean read the names of each graduate while we show them on one side of the screen and on the other, a slide that shows each graduate’s photo with their name, degree and honors while their names are being read.

With our fully virtual package, for instances when your campus cannot be used, we help you host a fully virtual experience and send a fully loaded computer with software, a portable light and backdrop stand and more to your main speaker. We work with you to create a live streamed program utilizing one live presenter that we manage remotely and any pre recorded content and photos you have. Reading of the names split screen can be done with their method as well.

Streams to Facebook, can be embedded on a website. All packages includes an evite in JPG  for graduates to put in their own photo into and send to family and friends and an HTML email template with a clickable link to the live stream.  

Parents and grandparents tune in safely from their homes, they can send flowers and gifts to their graduates at home. Send heart and tear reactions when their graduate’s name is read and their photo shown. 

Available Add-ons

  • Additional live presenter: A Second Managed Laptop with Software and High Quality Microphone, Testing Internet, Rehearsal Starts at $599
  • On Site 1 Camera Recording: Up to 1 hour of recorded content, one take, no editing, trimming only. Starts at $799
  • On Screen Graphics with Names of Presenters Starts at $199 for up to 10 names
  • Project manager/showrunner: Includes virtual event management up to 5 hours. Meetings online with presenters, testing, agenda creation, check in with stakeholders. Starts at $499
  • Stream to multiple destinations: Stream to up to 5 destinations simultaneously. Starts at $299

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