Live Streaming Los Angeles

Meet Varvid’s L.A. Manager!


We are proud to introduce our L.A. Account Manager, James Lane! James provides the greater Los Angeles area with Connected Event services.

James has been a Los Angeles resident for over 15 years, and his work in the entertainment industry started over twenty years ago.

“I liken live streaming to performing on stage before a live audience. There is no, “Cut! Take 2, Take 3, Take 4″, etc. If something unexpected happens, you make lemonade from that lemon.”

James has a positive personality and a get-it-done attitude, his dedication to live-streaming production makes him a great person to work with!

“I look forward to developing vast relationships with the many folks out here in LA LA Land who are in need of a reliable, professional and fun live streaming crew.”

To get in touch with James, email or call 323-244-0407.