Live Streaming in Louisiana

Marshall Woodworth Brings Connected Events to New Orleans!


We are pleased to introduce you to Marshall Woodworth! Marshall, Varvid’s New Orleans Team Lead, delivers Connected Event services to the Big Easy and surrounding areas!

“My first experience of live broadcasting came in 1996 when I was the Studio Director for an ABC affiliate,” he explained. Marshall’s interest and passion for production and live broadcasting guided him to the live-streaming world.

Beyond his upbeat personality, Marshall’s proficiency in cinematography and editing makes him a wonderful partner!

“Live streaming is beginning to take hold, and I believe Varvid is ahead of the trend. The beauty of live streaming is that it’s cutting edge and has a limited margin of error. Varvid can connect any event in crystal-clear resolution directly to an individual’s screen of choice!”

Have questions? Contact Marshall emailing or call him at 504-444-8561.