Live Stream Your Campaign

With campaign season already underway, you can trust that Varvid is up to date on the latest in reaching the biggest audiences through live streaming. Not only do we utilize every web and social platform, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube, we  have access to live polling and interactions tools for Facebook and other exclusive technology to connect with your audience. Reach every demographic by streaming your campaign events with Varvid’s professional crews located in every region of the U.S.

Varvid specializes in working with clients who have multiple events in different locations, so stream your candidate’s town hall meetings, and even include questions from your online audience at the live event! Broadcast your campaign rallies, and stream your candidate going door to door to reach even more voters through your canvassing efforts.

Don’t leave delivering the news to the news! Broadcast your message across all platforms with high quality, reliable video. Let us tailor a package that includes multiple events for your campaign to maximize your budget and expand your reach.