Why Livestream to Facebook?

Improve Social Standing, Gain New Followers, & Engage Current Followers!

If you haven’t seen a live video in your Facebook feed by now, you will very soon.

Political news, such as Democracy Now!’s reports on the #NoDAPL movement, Sports updates, like the Final World Series game, and company announcements like BMW’s #Next100 Motorrad Premier, have appeared in millions of news feeds across the world because of this feature. As the popularity of Facebook Live increases, so do potential broadcasting opportunities.

Certainly, the most notable benefit of streaming through Facebook Live for individuals, companies, and organizations is how it improves social media standing by instantly notifying your friends and followers when you are live. In our growing technologically-mobile world, where 1.66 billion active Facebook users are using mobile devices, this is the best platform to connect with as many people as possible.

To reap this benefit, however, there are a few best practices to consider!

Best Practices for Facebook Livestreaming Success

There are several basic steps to be mindful of, no matter your broadcasting reason, when using Facebook Live:

  1. Build Anticipation: Announce to your audience, at least one day in advance, the date and time you will be broadcasting. Make sure to post reminders and allow your followers time to get prepared for your livestream.
  2. Strong Connection: Before starting your stream, double check your connection to avoid a sloppy performance! WiFi or a 4G connection works best.
  3. Grab Attention: Before viewers decide to tune into your broadcast, they will read your livestream description. Make sure your description is catchy enough to increase participation!
  4. Be Involved: Interact with your audience by responding to commenters by name, answer their questions or expand the conversation, and show appreciation for their participation!
  5. Maintain Engagement: Go Live often! This will not only boost your audience engagement but it will also give you the opportunity to fine-tune your livestreaming practice!

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