A Wizard’s Strategy for Live Streaming

Wizards of the Coast Production Manager

Greg Collins, Wizards of the Coast’s Creative Production Manager, joins Aaron Booker to discuss how live streaming is used to expand Wizards of the Coast’s reach, and how live broadcasts have strengthened their community.

Greg’s background in sports journalism with ESPN helped him develop live production strategies for Wizards of the Coast’s gaming events. Through the years, he has incorporated a variety of tools and techniques into his practice. Listen to this episode to learn more about live streaming strategies!

Live Streaming Education with a Roland Pro

Roland Pro A/V Live Stream Education

Rob Read, Roland Pro A/V Business Development Manager, joins Aaron Booker to discuss how he uses live streaming video to educate his clients and strengthen the relationship between vendors, distributors, and end users.

Rob focuses on creating educational materials, demo videos, and hands-on workshops for schools and corporations so they can learn how to better engage and connect their unique communities. Listen here to learn more about live streaming production, tools, tricks, and best practices from a Roland professional!

Live Streams for the Gaming Industry

Jesse Henning, Triple Point PR‘s Sr. Account Executive, joins Aaron Booker to discuss how live streams are used to connect gaming communities.

Working in public relations between gaming companies for over a decade, Jesse has utilized live streaming as a part of his marketing strategy for the last five years. Gaming broadcasts, like discussion panels from PAX and video game demos, are most commonly streamed to Twitch and YouTube. In this segment, Jesse discusses the importance of knowing your audience, where to find them, and how live streams enhance engagement within the gaming community.

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Live Streaming Church Services and Worship Events

Josh Hamm from Life Center Tacoma Church

Josh Hamm, Media Director of Life Center Church (Tacoma, WA), joins Aaron Booker to discuss how live streaming has strengthened his church’s community and built an audience for their Hope 253 event.

Josh and the Life Center media team has brought their church services to a remote online audience by live streaming through the church website. Additionally, Josh organizes the worship event’s annual live stream and has pushed Hope 253 to both Facebook and to a custom webpage. Are you interested to connect your faith community? Take a listen to learn the best practices for church and faith-based live broadcasts!

Telestream’s Online Audience Enriched by Andrew Haley’s Live Streams

Andrew Haley from Wirecast Telestream, a live streaming expert using social media video to enhance community building.

Andrew Haley, a Telestream Live Streaming Evangelist, joins host Aaron Booker in conversation about live-streaming techniques and benefits.

Andrew and the Telestream Wirecast team broadcast educational materials to remote audiences using Facebook and YouTube. Find out more about how these live streams help Wirecast build their online communities!

Adobe’s Paul Trani Connects the Creative Cloud Community

Paul Trani of Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe’s Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist, Paul Trani, joins Aaron Booker to discuss building community through social streaming. Paul uses live video to showcase Creative Cloud applications through Facebook Live.

In this episode, find out how Paul harnesses the power of social video, how live video broadcasts have enriched Adobe’s Creative Cloud community, and the best practices needed to produce a successful live stream.

Teaser Episode: What and Why?

We are pleased to introduce you to our new project, The Varvid Podcast!

In this teaser segment, host Aaron Booker will be talking about the show’s theme, the concept of social live streaming, and what we hope to accomplish through this podcast. In 2017, we will be updating our podcast library bi-weekly so make sure to keep updated!

Thanks for tuning in!

Coming in 2017