Join us for the Bellingham Art Walk Friday, Feb. 7!

Varvid is excited to showcase two amazing local Bellingham artists at the upcoming art walk, put on by the Downtown Bellingham Partnership. On Friday, February 7 at 6:00pm PST Varvid will be hosting mixed medium artist Courtney Starks and live streaming music from the band The Prozac Mtn Boys.

 Courtney StarksWar_by_Courtney_Starks

Courtney Starks is a technical artist and software developer, as well as a fine artist. It is her objective to observe an idea or invention of another, and convey it effectively to an audience through creative and elegant design.

 “Nature is a presence of steadfast beauty, and pondering or adventuring among it holds my interest. Through artistic mediums of charcoal and oil, I endeavor to capture the things that exist among us – to hold them in time as if to preserve them. I have been creating mixed medium artworks for nearly ten years, and it inspires me to share this work with others.”

 To find out more about Courtney Starks and her art work visit her website at

The Prozac Mtn Boys

The Prozac Mtn Boys, as their name suggests, offer an uplifting, therapeutic mixture of traditional, bluegrass and modern music. Composed of musicians from Washington State’s Singingnorthernmost counties, The Prozac Mtn Boys combine bluegrass instrumentation with rich vocal harmonies to create a surprisingly familiar, intimate blend of yesterday and today. From Bill Monroe to Bob Dylan, from The Beatles to The Grateful Dead, no music is safe from The Prozac Mtn Boys. The Prozac Mtn Boys band members include: Lauren Sult (vocals) Andy Friedlander (guitar), Ted O’Connell (mandolin, harmonica), Larry Sult (banjo), Keith Fredrikson (bass), and Arielle Luckmann (fiddle).

If you want to know more about the Prozac Mtn Boys you can find them on Facebook at or visit their website at

Join us at Varvid Headquarters during the first Friday of every month for the Bellingham Art Walk from 6 – 10pm PST at 1319 Commercial St. #201.

Not able to make it? 

Worried about not being able to attend and miss out on the live performance? Well that’s no problem, Varvid will be live streaming the event starting at 6:30 p.m. PST. Visit this website and watch the event from home!