We hope you and yours have a great holiday season! Varvid Christmas 2013 video

If you haven’t already taken a look at the original video of our Halloween animation here’s another chance – watch it now! Varvid Halloween Zombie Video – varvid.com/blog Did you survive? … Good. Some viewers on social media thought Richard was wearing a mask, others were just too freaked out to notice the detail. Several […]

One of the most engaging brands most of us have ever experienced is Starbucks. You can not only actually smell their brand, but also experience it when you walk into their shops and speak to a barista to order your coffee – it’s visceral and makes you feel rich, that’s why Starbucks customers pay more […]

If you were not already aware, marketing is a continuous activity successful businesses do really well. Nothing you didn’t already know, right? But did you know that great marketing organizations are able to show you how well your messages are resonating with your audience? That’s right, today’s great marketing resources enable you to monitor the […]

Explainathon – Adam’s Intro – blog post – 6/5/2013 In our last blog we talked about how savvy marketers are opting for live streaming of video to make their events available to remote audiences, as well as giving their live and Internet audiences the ability to communicate with an event moderator via Twitter – otherwise […]

In today’s fast paced world where everyone is on a device and on the move, live video streaming for business and networking events is becoming strategic to event planners and event companies providing solutions for client events. In a recent blog post written by Sandra O’Loughlin, Savvy Marketers Are Bringing Their Events to a Screen […]